Over the last two terms we’ve been helping some of the newly settled Ukranian residents in Dunblane feel at home by offering them free jewellery classes. As part of their social outreach programme, CSSJ received funding from the Community Led Local Development fund and Forth Valley Welcome to run two six week blocks, where eight lively and enthusiastic New Scots learned the basics of jewellery making, and created some beautiful silver jewellery. In their time at CSSJ this group of Ukranians learned how to texture, form and solder in silver, and used inspiration from their home country to compose their very own designs. We love to see them wearing their unique and personal jewellery when we see them out and about the town!

Teaching this group of New Scots has been an important part of our ongoing commitment to social inclusion. This block of jewellery classes has been about much more than skill building, it has been a welcome release from the anxieties associated with the upheaval these women have faced. It was important to us to provide a friendly and welcoming place where our Ukranian friends could meet, socialise, and find something in common in their new love of jewellery making. In bringing them together as a group we hope we have managed to alleviate feelings of isolation and loneliness, helped them to make new friendships, and made them feel welcome in their new home land.



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