Have experience but need a space to work on your jewellery projects?

We would be delighted to rent you one of our benches on a pay-as-you-go basis. On Fridays* we open the doors to our bright and spacious studio for our drop-in sessions, bringing you all of the advantages of a fully equipped jewellery studio but without the long term commitment. Bench rentals are available from 11 am – 4pm, pre-booking required, please give at least 24 hours notice. 

We have 12 benches available for hire with individual soldering stations and access to a full range of hand tools




per hour

includes full access to tools and studio equipment, but no tuition or materials. Payment for your first hour will be taken as a non refundable deposit, and you can pay your balance upon leaving. Please indicate your arrival time using the notes section at checkout. 24 hrs notice is required for bench rental bookings.

Please note that our bench rental is only suitable to those with jewellery making experience. If you are a jewellery student then you should have taken at least two terms with us (or another jewellery class provider) and be able to work independently.  The sessions are not suitable for trying out new techniques for the first time – for example, if you want to use the School’s kiln to enamel, you must have prior training and experience in this technique before using any enameling equipment. Participants will be held responsible for any damage to the School’s equipment through misuse. If you are new to the School you will be given a full Health & Safety induction so please arrive 10 minutes ahead of your first session.

We also have the following equipment and we are adding more all the time

Kiln for enamelling/PMC


Various mandrels

Rolling Mill

Pillar Drill

Pendant motors

Barrel Polisher

Electric Furnace

Stone setting equipment

Hydraulic Press

Draw Bench

Extensive collection of assorted hammers

“Lovely tutors, friendly, relaxed atmosphere!”

“Fantastic day of creativity!”

“Time to myself, new skills!”


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