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Proxxon Microflame Burner Hand-held Torch

Proxxon Microflame Burner is used for soldering, de-soldering, brazing, or heating workpieces and is ideal for small jewellery and silver clay projects.

The Proxxon Microflame has independent air and fuel adjustments, while its super fine flame attains a temperature of 1200°C (2192°F). The torch uses a butane cartridge, and is easily rechargeable with standard lighter fuel.

The Microflame is fitted with an electronic piezo lighter ignition system, ensuring durability and long-lasting lighting every time. The torch has a with a 50ml cartridge allowing usage of 60-120 minutes.

The Proxxon Microflame is lightweight and easy to handle, and includes a removable foot which ensures stability in the workshop.

Torch measures width 90mm, height 150mm.

Please note always refill and handle the burner in accordance with the included instructions and also any instructions on your butane gas canister. This torch does not contain gas.


*Tools are designed to be used correctly and with care for the purpose for which they are intended. No liability is accepted by the School for incorrect use of any of the products contained, and the School cannot be held responsible for any damage to personnel, property, or equipment when using the tools.


Proxxon Microflame Burner Hand-held Torch


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