So, we held our grand opening on the 15th of March. There was fizz, there was music, there was fantastic jewellery on display. And then we closed on the 16th of March. Yup, we were ‘officially’ open for one whole day. Honestly, you couldn’t make this up!

Running a small business and being self-employed are risky endeavors at the best of times and undoubtedly the current situation we find ourselves in creates a significant challenge for the School and all of the tutors who teach here.  I am confident that the School will be able to weather the current disruption and we will let you know as soon as possible when we expect to be open again to the public.

Creativity through adversity

As the dust is slowly settling we’ve committed ourselves to helping you have a creative period of self-isolation. Learning a craft has many different benefits to your health and well being – including your mental health!  There are links below to some interesting articles that discuss the positive effects of craft. To help you along the way we’ve put together three amazing tool kits. The Ultimate Tool Kit (based on the skills we teach in the evening classes), a Precious Metal Clay Starter Kit and a fantastic Wax Carving Kit. We have negotiated a brilliant bulk discount with our tool supplier and these kits provide significant savings on buying the tools individually.  You can find them all online at  We have 3 of each kit currently in stock and can arrange for them to be collected or posted as needed.  We’ve had a steep technological learning curve these past few days but we can now purchase and print postage online in order to limit contact with our very valuable mail service workers at this time.

Keep in touch!

Finally if there is anything that we can help with – give us a shout! Need to buy a tool but you have no idea what it is called? Send us a long rambling description and the staff will get back to you with our best guesses! Need to know where to buy bullion, stones or other supplies? -we have a list. Want a wee moan about a jewellery disaster or to celebrate finishing a piece? – post on our friendly Facebook group for students.  Want to buy some solder or a brass brush? Again, we are here for you. Email us at or use the contact form on the website.

The staff and I are wishing you all the best in these strange times. We hope to be back up and running before too long but in the meantime wash your hands, don’t panic buy, support your neighbors and stay well and healthy.




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