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Saturday 1st July 2023


Weddings Bands with Jo Pudelko

Thank you for making your special rings with us at the Central Scotland School of Jewellery at Craft Central in Dunblane. We look forward to welcoming you all in our lovely space by the river.

This invoice confirms a booking on Saturday 1st July with Jo Pudelko.

What to bring: We’ll provide all the things you will need to create your beautiful rings! Please bring along glasses if you need them and wear appropriate clothing for a studio environment including closed-toe shoes. If you have long hair please wear it up.

Tea, coffee, biscuits & Prosecco provided (at the end! ;)) .

Workshop price – £200
Gold (for both bands) £250.00 (at today’s price – can fluctuate)
Rhodium plating (for Jade‘s band) £20.00 plus postage x2 = 17.00 (or you could drop and collect in Linlithgow). Total £37.00
Hallmarking £43 (for both bands) plus postage x2 =17.00. Total £60
Total: £547


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