Corrugation Workshop with Jill Leventon


9th October 2022

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Corrugation (AKA Microfold Forming) Level: Suitable for beginners.

Corrugation is all around us.  It provides strength with less weight, and manufacturers have exploited this for packaging (eg corrugated cardboard) and building materials (eg corrugated roofs).  By ‘borrowing’ tools developed for other purposes and adapting them to our needs, we can also utilise corrugation in metal for jewellery making and sculpture, with the bonus of further enhancing the patterns with pliers.  Additionally, rolling mills, press formers and fold forming can add further dimension to the work if we wish. For makers who are exploring more environmentally sustainable skills this workshop is perfect. Larger, sculptural pieces can be created using significantly less metal which is less impactful to the world around us. 

Thicknesses and types of metal will be discussed, and participants will experiment with the different effects and shapes they can get by manipulating the patterns with their fingers and with pliers. We will combine the use of press forming, the rolling mill and fold forming with the corrugation. We will work with copper for economy, but those who wish to move on to silver (or gold) can do so.

Your Tutor: Jill Leventon has her own workshop in Shrewsbury where she teaches enamelling and various metal forming techniques.  She came to corrugation through enamelling, and now combines the two techniques, along with fold forming and using the hydraulic press.  She teaches both enamelling and corrugation at workshops round the country.

What to bring: We’ll provide all the things you’ll need to start making amazing corrugated pieces including tools and copper. Leather gloves are essential for a workshop like this and although we will provide them you may wish to bring your own. Silver can be purchased directly from the School at cost price. Please bring along glasses if you need them and wear appropriate clothing for a studio environment including closed-toe shoes. If you have long hair please wear it up and please bring a mask.

Times: 10:00-4:30 with a break for lunch. Lunch is not provided but you can bring a lunch to eat in the studio or we can advise you of nearby places food & drink. Refreshments provided.

Masks continue to be mandatory in our school at all times. 

**Please note: classes may be cancelled due to events outside of our control or lack of attendees. If this occurs you will be notified before the class is due to commence and offered a choice between a replacement class or a full refund of your fees**

Times and Date: 9th October 10am – 4.30pm


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