Carving Rings for Silver Casting with Shirley Lowe


18th September 2022

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Wax Carving Jewellery Workshop

Level: A workshop for all!

About the Course: In this comprehensive wax carving jewellery workshop we will teach you how to create a bespoke, one-off, ring using hand tools and gentle heat to make a wax carving. Once you have designed and carved your ring we will send it off to be cast in sterling silver.

You will begin by looking at jewellers such as Felicity Powell and Carles Codina who use carving techniques. Then your tutor will help you come up with your own creative design for a ring. You will learn the basics of wax carving methods and gain insight into production methods used in commercial jewellery. Wax carving is a fantastic skill to add to your jewellery repertoire, it is an affordable and forgiving way of creating designs. By the end of the wax carving jewellery workshop you will have carved the wax ‘master’ for your ring. After the class we will send the finished wax ‘masters’ away to our Scottish casting company be cast in solid silver. The silver rings are sent back to the studio and we will lovingly hand finish them before being posting them to you at home.

About your Tutor: Shirley Lowe came to jewellery later in life, having been a successful tattooist and body piercer for more than 20 years. She has travelled the world and stayed in many places but has always come back to Scotland. Inspired by bodies of water, the environment weighs heavy on her mind and this is reflected in her work as she uses reclaimed, repurposed, or recycled materials. The jewellery industry tends to rely on natural resources most commonly retrieved from the earth, and Shirley has set out to produce ethically sound and aesthetically pleasing pieces using traditional techniques, while reducing or replacing any toxic or harmful chemicals used in the process.

10am -4:30pm with an hour break for lunch. Please bring your own lunch or we can recommend places nearby to buy food.  Refreshments provided.

** Completed rings may take between 2-3 weeks to arrive.**

**Please note: we may have to cancel due to lack of attendees. In the unlikely event, we will issue a full refund and notify you the day before the class is scheduled**

Course Info

Date – 18th September 2022

Time – 10:00 am to 4:30 pm


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